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Star Artist Portrait.jpg

Star Mortezavi

Setareh (Star) Mortezavi is a Persian painter and graphic designer living in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in Tehran, Iran, and studied Art & Graphic Design at the University of Tehran. Star began her professional life as an artist and art director working in advertising in the US. She is fascinated by the blending of colors; the fluidity and visual pleasure that comes with observing the organic and natural flowing patterns of unique flowers and trees. Her art is filled with color, which reflects her internal joy and the optimistic, positive outlook she has in life. Each of her pieces carries the weight of a different moment in her life, with abstract shapes resembling trees, flowers, and characters. Her love for curves and shapes becomes the unifying element that combines the stories spread across the canvas, transforming them into a recognizable and approachable image.

Original Paintings
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