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46in. x 15.5in.
Embellished Limited Edition Archival Print on Canvas
Signed & Number by Artist


Thomas Arvid

  • Description and Inspiration

    Brimming with beauty and fragrant with notes of optimism, Arvid has given happiness artistic form in “Uplifting.” With a brilliant palette that brings to life every brightly shining detail, the miraculously painted spread and dazzling choice of wines imbues in us the giddy exhilaration that makes each day worth cherishing and each glass worth sampling. Enduring optimism and love for art have lent themselves well to Arvid’s pursuit of perfection; the hundreds of hours of work spent on each new painting make his art more refined, more beautiful, and more iconic than ever.

    The positivity and perseverance Arvid brings to his art are mirrored perfectly in his choice to feature David Arthur Vineyards in this masterpiece. Lovingly cultivated by David Long, a vintner whose remarkably buoyant nature and unsinkable passion for his art have made him both a successful winemaker and a dear friend of Arvid’s, David Arthur Vineyards is a shining example of the magic that happens when art and wine are cheerfully paired.

  • 100% Buyer Protection Guaranteed

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    We understand that buying artwork can sometimes be a difficult and intimidating experience. Because of this, every work of art you buy on ABRA Gallery is covered by our 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee.


    If for any reason you don't like the work of art you purchased, you can return it no questions asked - and we'll even pay the return shipping*! Our Buyer Protection Guarantee should give you total confidence when purchasing art from ABRA Gallery. What you get will be better than what you see, as pictures sometimes do not do justice for artwork. Buyers on ABRA Gallery have repeatedly told us that when they receive a work they have purchased, they are even more impressed seeing it in person than when they first saw the work on our site.

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