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"Crazy in Love"

New Release

This wonderful new release from international renowned and beloved Persian artist Hessam Abrishami has everything we’ve grown to love from his artwork; his signature rich color palette, sweeping confident brush strokes and themes of romance, celebration and music.  

“Crazy in Love” is a direct reflection of a special time for the artist.  Traditionally, Spring brings with it warmth, color, life, and happiness.  

In some very special cases it brings Love.  

Limited Edition Archival Print

Available on Canvas & Metal

48in. x 36in. 


"Crazy in Love"

Canvas Edition

Archival Print on Canvas

48in. x 36in. 

Limited Edition of 95


Archival Print on Aluminum

48in. x 36in. 

Limited Edition of 45


"Crazy in Love"

Metal Edition

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