Gulten Imamoglu

Gulten Imamoglu was born in Turkey in 1970.  She is currently working as a professor of Fine Arts at the University Of Samsun, Turkey.  In September 2009, her work of art entitled "Exile into Loneliness" was awarded first place in the painting category of the London International Creative Competition. Gulten İmamoglu was chosen "WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2011” by the American Biographical Institute. She has had multiple exhibitions worldwide including New York, London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Bulgaria, and Pakistan.

Gulten brings together her intuitions and utopias with a spectator’s reality and associates them with the meanings of colorful and dynamic paintings.  Her paintings open our eyes to far horizons.  They deal with the meaningful and unexpected blows to our inner world.  Gulten is skilled enough to escape from our reality and take shelter in her colorful universe.  She is an artist who attacks us with her colors as she uses them as an instrument for excitement in a livable paradise.

The paintings exalt an abstract language where figures are mixed by dancing.  Gulten paints color motions with a figure of fastidiousness and carries us to a perception, which is familiar.  She makes a personal, original, and clear contribution to a figurative translation, which we took from classism.  While the paintings act as examples of the contemporariness that she had internalized, they do not estrange to the traditional art forms.