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Goli Artist portrait.png

Goli Mahallati

Goli Mahallati graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Tehran in 1977, and with her Masters in Fine Art from American International College in Massachusetts in 1979.  She received her PhD from the University of Massachusetts until she eventually moved to Southern California, where she now lives and works. 

Goli’s original acrylics and limited edition prints depict stirring images that speak to a deep humanity. Her work goes beyond any standard, provincial artistic genre and strikes at the elemental state of the human condition, where her figures are sometimes bound together in support and love, and at other times isolated.  The strength of the artist’s statement is enforced by her choice to work with a pallet knife rather than a brush, creating bold areas of color and texture.  Goli’s work reflects a sense of admiration for the beauty and dignity of the ideal human spirit and form, which is, in her case, best captured in the abstract.  Goli’s warm and luminescent color palette in contrast with mysterious forms leads to a unified sense of energy that is often lacking in other post-modern work.  Her paintings ae less about cognition and more about an intrinsic energy radiating from her works.  

“To me art should not seek balance as this does not reflect the conflict, the dynamics of real life that create exciting art.  I feel that good art expresses pure and honest feelings." 

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