Ariel Ortega

Ariel’s work is the fruit of a childhood fascination for wildlife and ecology. Today, his passion for the natural world has reemerged in the form of sculptures formed out of individually handcrafted nano-flowers, made of construction caulking. Each flower has its own unique swirl in the middle, a representation of the seductive power of beauty. In Ariel’s sculptures, each flower supports the other forming a jigsaw puzzle of blooming swirls. The flowers are dependent on each other to hold a formation in the overall piece.


Ariel’s inspiration came from the process of pollination; the symbiotic relationship formed between flora and fauna serves as a prelude to his work. In Ariel’s view, every living being is reliant on another, creating a delicate balance of give and take. In today’s world, we as consumers do not usually think of the original sources of, for example, our food or water. This out-of-sight, out-of-mind doctrine is the result of a disconnection with our natural surroundings; for in reality there is a cost – a natural environment that, for the sake of our consumption, is being depleted of its resources faster that it can replenish itself. Like flowers, Ariel aspires to use the alluring power of color to engage his viewers and send them off with a greater esteem for creation and its delicate balance. 

Original 3D Sculptures
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